We Create Apps That SELL !

At Cloudkey our mission is to help you sell more by reaching your clients on the devices they use most.  We create Apps that beautifully package and present your digital products.  We offer a wide range of In-App and Out-Of-App purchase options making it easy for you to attract customers.
We know how to create a great user experience with your App that will engage your audience and build your subscriber base.  Sell products individually or package them up for bulk purchase as a single one time sale, time limited or subscription sale.  You have the flexibility to market your products as you like.

We are made for Mobile, not adapted for it!

At Cloudkey we put mobile first.  That’s where the audience is heading.  Putting mobile first means designing everything foremost with the device in mind.  That’s where Apps win hand downs.
It’s not enough anymore to simply rely on a responsive website to drive your internet sales and traffic.  Users are turning more and more to App’s because of the great user experience they offer.

You’re In Control

At Cloudkey we build your App so you’re in control.  Its non-technical. Anyone can do it.  Just log onto your Publisher Dashboard and update content anytime you like.  Use the Messaging Center to notify your customers of new products or promotions.  Set up campaigns to drip feed content to your audience.  We’re available to help but it’s so easy we expect you’ll want to do it yourself!

It’s What Your Clients Want

There are many options available to sell your digital products.  Selling downloads is the simplest way but do you really want to loose control of your products?  More importantly, do end users really want downloads? The answer is no.  The music industry has learnt this.  Take iTunes for example.  Music downloads in iTunes have dwindled so much now over the past 2 years that Apple are rumored to be considering closing iTunes entirely in favor of their streaming option Apple Music.
Here’s what your customers want – Apps with quick and simple login and “click-to-play” ease of use available on all devices.
No downloads, no storage issues, no “how-do-I-get-it-on-my-other-devices”  
Just great Apps!

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