Increase Viewer Engagement

Native Apps have been shown to increase viewer engagement by as much as 300%.  Viewers watch mobile video more often and for longer periods when video is presented in a native app.

Premium Optimized Video

Native Apps offer a superior user interface and noticably better video quality than available over a web browser.  Native apps are made for mobile and tablet, not adapted for it.

Make Discovery & Retention Easy

Viewers find and keep content more easily via branded Apps. Greater ease of use means happier clients & more sales.

Apps for all Types of Content

Your Branded App can contain any mix of free, invite-only, or premium / subcription product.  Audio book & external document links are also supported.

Touch screen mobile phone, in hand

Conquer the Last Marketing Frontier

Get your own video marketing App & enjoy unbeatable brand visibility on today’s preferred viewing devices.

Redemption Sales and Coupons

We provide more ways for you to promote your branded App including links to your web site, QR codes, coupons and competitions.

Your App – Your Clients

Apps powered by Cloudkey capture more customer rich data than you can imagine. It is all yours to keep.

We handle App Stores

Submitting an App to the app stores can at times be bewildering and often frustrating.  We have experience in this area.  Let us do the hard work for you!

When it Comes to Mobile, Apps Deliver Consistently Better Than Web

Up until fairly recently, it was easy to believe your web site could do it all.  That was when desktop devices were dominant.  But that has all changed.  In just 5 years, streaming media on mobile and tablet devices has grown from 11% to 51% of the market.  Users are flocking to streaming sites,  all which offer Apps.
Why Apps?  Recent research has shown that over 80% of a mobile users time is spent doing things in Apps.  Less than 20% of time is spent using a web browser.  What that says is that no matter how good your website is or how much money you have spent on it,  your customers are likely to prefer to use an App anyway.
Apps powered by Cloudkey present users with a modern easy to use interface where they can buy and access content in seconds with minimal clicks.  User experience is everything.  Our Apps also authenticate paying users quickly and present them with a personalized viewing experience – something even the best of membership sites struggle to do.   

The Evidence In Favor Of Apps Is Overwhelming

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