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On the devices they use most

Got great content and want to sell it?  What better way than via your own branded App!  Sell all types of digital content: streaming video, audio, e-books, just about anything.  Create subscriptions and build your memberships within your own stylishly designed and powerfully functional App.


Upload your instructional videos, documents, podcasts & webinars.  Sell courses individually or by subscription.  Monitor every student from your publisher dashboard.  All course-ware is streamed only to the purchasing student.  It cannot be downloaded or illegally shared. 

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Upload and publish your videos via your own App.  All videos are streamed using the best industry grade adaptive variable bit rate encrypted steaming to ensure smooth playback on a wide range of devices under all prevailing internet conditions.



Upload books to your App now with secure e-book reader built in.  Books can only be read by paying clients on approved devices.  They cannot be downloaded, printed, copied or illegally shared.  Books display responsively and present perfectly on all size screens.


Musicians, sell your albums, tracks and merch all from your own fully branded App.  Turn your fan base into a subscription base.  Labels, use the App to promote all your artists.  Audio tracks and music videos are fully protected in the App from unauthorized copying and distribution.

Brilliant Mobile & Tablet Apps

Cloudkey is the only native App system dedicated to selling all forms of digital content.  Whether you are selling streaming videos, training courses, audio tracks or other materials, everything can be sold via the Apps we build for you.  We handle everything in creating your Apps. We also assist you in getting them approved with Apple and Google for publication in the App stores.

Sell in Multiple Ways

Cloudkey offers you all the tools you need for effectively selling videos, audios, eBooks and other digital content in your App. Offer products for sale in your App via any means including in-app purchase, recurring subscription and shopfront sales.  All sales tools are included in your account and are accessed simply by logging in to your publisher dashboard.

Built in Security

Everything you sell via your App is secured by our proprietary Secure App device authentication system.  If you are selling videos, audio or e-books, only users who have purchased or subscribed can access the content.  We have eliminated the possibility of unauthorized downloading or copying. No user can share their login credentials.


Full CMS & User Data

Cloudkey collects data and gives detailed statistics of all user activity within your App. All this information is easily accessible from your publisher dashboard.  With Cloudkey, you can see who is buying what and message them about any new video products you think they might be interested in. Find out who viewed what and when.  Cloudkey gives you more data than ever to help you market your digital products better.

All Updates Included

As leaders in digital product  marketing  we are constantly working on ways to improve our App platform to help you sell more and increase your subscriber base.  As we roll out improvements you will be immediately informed and offered any updates free of charge.  We will also help you in submitting updates to your App to Apple App Store and Google Play as required.

Easy Web Integration

Cloudkey easily integrates with your existing web site, email campaign or You Tube marketing strategy. We offer web embed-able shopfronts which enable your App content & subscriptions to be easily sold from any of your existing suites. Shopfronts with built in e-commerce are automatically created every time you create a playlist and mark it for sale in your App.


Push & Email Notifications

You can email or push notify your app audience directly from your publisher dashboard.  Notifications can be set to be automatically triggered by events. For example, when you add new content to a channel.  You can broadcast a notification to all users or to special groups as defined from within your publisher dashboard.

Affordable All in One Solution

Cloudkey is the simply the most affordable means of creating a high end e-commerce enabled App. Cloudkey offers as standard, features you would expect to see only in high-end streaming solutions like Netflix, but for a fraction of the cost!  Cloudkey is a proven app platform offering tangible benefits to small and medium content owners where previously there was no affordable solution.

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